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Need more dialing power? You've got it!

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Have you ever needed more dialing power right away? Has that large client or prospect asked you to contact 200,000 accounts before month end? Has a client told you to make 2 attempts on all their assignments before the end of the week or they would give their business to someone else? If so, you could use IAT’s cloud hosted dialing products to accomplish the task.

Even if you already have a site-premised dialing solution, you can use cloud-based hosted dialing products to supplement your contacting needs. IAT has been providing contact products for the collection industry since 1986. We have specialized in site-premised systems for the majority best online casino of those years. Since 2004, IAT has also provided cloud computing products.

CT Impact, IAT’s hosted dialing service, is for both unattended broadcast messaging and predictive dialing. We have hundreds of CT Impact clients making hundreds of thousands of calls each day using this technology.

Cloud technology has many definitions, but at its most basic level, it is “remote computer access.” You use your computer and an internet connection to make contact with a remote server. This remote server will do all the heavy processing and run the application like MS Word or Excel or IAT’s CT Impact.

CT Impact hosted dialing is performed from our secure data center near IAT corporate offices in Salt Lake City, Utah, and calls are passed onto each client as they are connected. Using IAT hosted services, a collection operation can concentrate on what they do best—collect. They can let IAT worry about the infrastructure of the dialing process, including most of the computer and telephone line costs.

With IAT’s new CT Impact Direct product, CT Center customers can send their dialing data directly to CT Impact through CT Center and receive dialing results back, all in “real time.” They can even use site-premised dialing resources AND cloud dialing resources at the same time for even more dialing capability.

As they say “Don’t worry, be happy.” Let cloud computing help you eliminate the stress of the high demands—even when it’s unexpected!

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