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Automate, Automate, Automate!

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Don’t you just love the automation we have today, especially automated reminders and payments?

Reminders for birthdays, anniversaries, doctor/dentist appointments, meetings, golf outings, football games, children’s activities, and so forth. Automation of moving money from checking to savings and the very best one for me, paying those never-ending monthly bills—mortgage, rent, car payment, life, car and disability insurance, utilities, internet, cell phones, satellite/cable TV, etc.

The bill I hate most of all is that lousy mortgage payment! It just about killed me every time I made out that “huge” check each month—month after month, year after year. Have you ever heard of Xpressbillpay? It’s wonderful! I’m not talking about paying the bills through my bank, but truly automating it. Now I don’t even have to think about the mortgage.

The only thing I pay every month without automation is my charitable contribution to my church. I keep thinking “What is wrong with my church? Why don’t they allow me to automate this?” I have to write out the check, put it in the envelope, and carry it to church. Then they have to open the envelope, put the details in the computer and deposit it in the bank. Wouldn’t they best online casino like to eliminate most of that?

I frequently wonder why companies don’t give me a discount online australian casinos for automating my payments. They say they are doing me a big favor by letting me pay online (which they are), but I’m doing them an even bigger favor by getting my payment in on time and not forcing them to deal with the past dues and paper checks.

Don’t you wish sometimes you could have automation go to work for you and attend that Monday morning meeting?

What about those “pesky” clients that always ask what you’re doing and what you’ve done lately to get their bad credit practices corrected? Is there any automation that you can use to keep them informed? Yes! there is with IAT’s automatic reporting features.

You can setup automated reports that can be filtered by client and dates, scheduled to run, and automatically sent to a client’s e-mail address. The two most common such reports are Call Results and Agent Result Summary. Set them up, schedule them, send them, forget about them.  Voila, done.

Don’t take any more time doing this mundane job; let IAT help you. Call IAT support if you need help setting this up.

By the way, I’ve just got to get that feature that will let me take a picture of my check from my phone and “send” it to my bank for deposit. Don’t you also just love automatic deposit of your payroll check? That helps me forget how little money I really make.


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