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Call me maybe

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Question: How effective is having an agent continue to leave the same call back message on an account’s answering machine/voicemail? I’ll bet they get almost no response after maybe the first left message. Why? I think we all get annoyed when the same person/company keeps calling and calling and calling and leave the same message over and over and over.

Another question: Is the same message effective for all types of accounts? I’ll bet not! There are many different categories of accounts and psychologies involved in leaving effective call com/free- slots /party-line | Click to copy: More likes = More slots Download our Free Slots apps:Excitement Awaits!If you are looking for excitement . back messages for each type. If you leave the same exact message for all types of accounts, you will most likely get very little response back.

Both IAT’s predictive dialing and IVR Messaging have the ability to vary best online casino the call back message by individual list. You can also customize the call back phone number to match the purpose of the list. For instance, you might need calls to come into a separate department to collect the account. Some lists might be for basic collecting. Some for leaving messages unrelated to collections. Some lists might be for payment reminders with any call backs routed to a specific group of collectors. Each of these call back messages can be different and thereby more effective.

Regularly change the call back messages for each list to keep things fresh and keep the called party from immediately knowing exactly who is calling.

Call and let IAT’s support team know you if you want to be more effective when leaving call back messages. They can help you do it!

This article was written by Jeryl