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Honesty, Integrity, and Compliance

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What character trait do creditors want from collecting their un-collectables? Creditors want collectors with the same integrity that they possess.

What can a dialer company offer their customers to help them collect those un-collectables? You guessed it! They can offer products with the same integrity the creditors expect.

How can a dialer company provide such integrity? They can comply with established laws and guidelines for contacting and collecting.

One of IAT SmartDial’s major objectives is to incorporate honesty, integrity and legislative compliance into every available solution.  Our 27 years working with the debt recovery industry and the accompanying legislation gives us a unique perspective that our customers and their clients can rely on.

We have tried very hard to incorporate solutions for many of the compliance issues into our products.  IAT’s solutions will help protect you against:

TCPA: Avoid calling cell phones when express permission has not been received. (Cell Scrub)

FDCPA: Comply with many regulations including legal casino online calling hours and duplicate calls. (Right Time of Day Control and Duplicate Call Control)

Foti: Speak Foti compliant messages (provided by ACA) and use flexible call back messages for unique situations. (Standard and flexible compliant messages)

Abusive language claims: Help protect against debtor claims such as “they used abusive language when they called me.” (Standard and flexible compliant messages)

Right Party identification issues:  Identify the right party before disclosing any confidential information. (Right party identification message options)

False claims: Protect collectors against false claims, and provide a tool to review conversations for training and compliance. (Call Recording)

Do Not Call: Maintain a database of accounts or phone numbers that should not be called. (Do not call list)

IAT is concerned about preserving your reputation as well as that of your clients, so we focus on keeping our technology solutions compliant with state and federal regulations. Your clients should be grateful that we do and so should you.

Don’t forget, IAT always recommends consulting your legal counsel and ACA on compliance issues.

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This article was written by Jeryl