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Score More with Predictive Dialing

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When I was younger (much younger), my life was mostly consumed with playing one sport or another. Unlike today, we played sports in seasons—football in the fall, basketball in the winter, track in the spring, and baseball in the summer. I’m sure I would have squeezed soccer in there, too but it wasn”t a popular sport back then.

Nowadays my son’s football coach doesn”t want him to play anything but football. My other son’s baseball coach doesn”t want him to play anything but baseball. And when it isn”t the official season to play, both coaches want my sons to go on off-season trips to play or enroll in off-season training and conditioning camps, which can be expensive. Consequently, they have missed out on a lot of fun playing all of the sports instead of just one.

After finishing football season, I hurried to the gym to brush up on my basketball skills prior to tryouts. When basketball season was over, I rushed out to the track. It took a couple of weeks to condition the muscles that weren”t worked during basketball season. And when summer came, I picked up a baseball and got my arm in shape to throw the ball from catcher’s online casino position to second base.

Each season brought a new set of muscles to get in shape and often some temporary soreness to endure. I found that each sport required a different set of muscles.

Now my sons only have to worry about not getting “burned out” from concentrating on one sport too much. If they don’t focus on their chosen sport, the coaches think they’re not dedicated enough and won’t let them on the team. I don’t like the way it is now: Too much time and money involved in playing one sport.

When you Det vore en skymf att pasta att spelutbudet inte rackte!  Caratcasino har valt att ta in sina spela spelautomater fran olika speltillverkare men som vanligt utmarker sig Net Entertainments och Microgamings spel. collect bad debt, do you consider many different methods or do you just concentrate on one tactic? Have you ever thought of using your account “scoring” techniques to call accounts? Why do you score your collection accounts? Is it to try and determine who is most likely to pay their debt? Is it to prioritize your efforts to best utilize your resources available? Why not use this valuable data to make your predictive dialing or message broadcasting calls more effective?

You can send scoring values to your predictive dialer and then it will sort and prioritize the accounts with those values. This way, the most productive calls are made first. You can segregate your campaigns using these scoring values to maximize your limited time or give the difficult accounts more resources. Let your better motivated collectors work those tricky accounts—and give them some incentive to do so. Let your newer collectors gain experience with the easier to collect accounts.

To use scoring in your dialing strategy just call your customer support team and ask them to configure your data interfaces to make the scoring values available to your “qualification” and “sorting” criteria.

So don’t just play one sport or run your lists one way. Consider all your options and try them all. It’s much more fun—and effective—that way.

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This article was written by Jeryl