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Never stop thinking about compliance—We don’t either

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With the capabilities of today’s technology, you’d think collections would be a smooth and simplified process, but instead government regulations and judicial rulings cloud common sense with uncertainty. I don’t know if there has ever been a more frustrating time for those in the collection industry.

More than ever agencies need to work closely with vendors who place compliance as a top priority. IAT SmartDial does everything possible to ensure its products and services meet current regulations. IAT SmartDial is frequently evaluating every feature of its call center solutions—cell phone scrubbing, credit card processing, IVR dialogues, etc—but even then there is no compliance guarantee. The burden of compliance does not rest solely with the vendor.  Agencies, creditors and debt buyers must also be vigilant in following safe and proper procedures.

In the article “7 Tips to Ensure TCPA ComplianceAttorneys Wendy Badger and Rozanne Andersen offer advice for remaining compliant in our current regulation environment.  Below is a summary of their thoughts regarding contacting cell phones. For more details, make sure to read the whole article. Remember, these are general suggestions; for specific advice on your own unique situation, make sure to contact your attorney.

  • For creditors: Make sure to include the necessary proper disclosures and consent provisions on application forms, so that the original creditor and any future agents or debt buyers can use the cell phone number to communicate about payments.
  • For debt buyers: “…Ensure the purchase agreement for consumer debt portfolio includes a warranty that the creditor obtained the express consent of the consumer for subsequent purchasers of the debt to contact them using a cellular telephone number.”
  • For debt collectors: Create a plan with clients to initially separate landline and wireless phone numbers, and send the collection agency only those cell phone numbers obtained directly  from the consumer. Once they receive the accounts, collection agencies should scrub lists in order to identify cell phone numbers and remove them from all dialing campaigns—and only dial them manually.

For more than 27 years IAT SmartDial has been providing call center solutions for the collection industry. We are recognized as the industry leader in predictive dialing, outbound messaging and IVR solutions.

Our support and sales staff would be glad to address any questions you may have about the ambiguity of today’s collecting environment.


This article was written by David E