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Where's the beef (hardware)?

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Are you ready for another new acronym? Here is one for you: HMP. It stands for Host Media Processing. Well, that’s about as clear as mud. Pay attention though because this new technology can really save you a lot of time and money. Ahh….I thought that would get your attention. You see, it’s all about where and how the dialing and call processing are done.

Dialing technology (computer telephony integration) takes a whole lot of processing power—for dialing the phone numbers, call progress with answer detection, and telephone and speech processing, etc. Historically computer processors didn’t have nearly enough processing power to get the job done, so dialing vendors would place “dialing boards” with special microprocessors called DSPs (digital signal processing) inside of computers. These dialing boards have lots of processing power and often best online casino telephone trunk connections to communicate with the telephone network. Since dialer processing happens on these separate daughter boards everything can be done very quickly and efficiently.

HMP is the new kid on the dialer block. Because today’s computer processors have a much higher, faster capacity, the separate dialing boards are no longer needed. Host Media Processing is software based processing; the DSP type processing is done through the vendor’s software. There may need to be a telephone network interface card, but if you’re using internet protocol to connect to the telephone network, you can just use the computer’s NIC (network interface card).

So why is HMP beneficial to you?

  • Your hardware and maintenance requirements are lower because there are no separate dialer boards.
  • The most current technology can be integrated with HMP such as SIP (session initiation protocol) and VoIP (voice over internet protocol).
  • Dialer capacity upgrades are quicker, easier and less expensive because dialer resource licensing can be done without adding more hardware to the dialing server.
  • Changes to dialing features can be done through software not hardware.

HMP: Truly an acronym worth learning! Take advantage of the new kid on the block. Contact your IAT regional sales manager for more information on this exciting and beneficial new technology. 

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This article was written by Jeryl