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Training is the difference between “novice” and “professional”

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A number of years ago, as an art student in California, I noticed an article in our local newspaper announcing an art show for a portrait artist living in our area. The artist painted portraits of well-known celebrities and politicians, and the samples of his work appeared incredible. They were remarkable likenesses of the individuals. What really stirred my interest was that he was self-taught. I began thinking to myself . . . “I quit my job and moved my entire family to California to attend a reputable art school, while this ‘self-taught’ individual is producing work this remarkable! Is there something that I am missing?”  I had to attend the show and see for myself how this individual perfected his talent without professional training.

When my wife and I entered the showroom I was shocked! The paintings were poorly done, definitely the work of a novice. I realized that the portrait samples printed in the newspaper were deceptive; the reduced size covered-up many mistakes and disguised the quality of the paintings. I had been duped by the small reproductions.

It became obvious to me that there is a huge difference between the work of someone who is self-taught and one who is professionally trained. This is true in any field.  It really does take time and continual specialized instruction to perfect any skill.

To you in the collection industry: Do not short-change yourselves thinking you know all there is to know about your profession. There are experts out there who can share tremendous insights on how to do things a little bit (if not significantly) better.

IAT is the collection industry’s dialing technology expert. We’re here to increase your knowledge of dialing technology and the processes that will improve your collecting productivity. Take advantage of our knowledge! IAT’s Customer Support team is always available to assist you. We offer Regional Training sessions, web-training, on-site training at your office and IAT Academy (one-on-one training in our office).

Upgrades and enhancements to dialer technology are ongoing. To stay ahead of the curve, rely on the experts for ongoing education and training.


This article was written by David E