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We Call it SmartDial®, You’ll Call it Your Best Collector


The Dialer—your agency’s super collector. In the collection industry, wasted time is money not collected. Dialing manually wastes time and hinders even the best agents’ efforts to collect. Count on SmartDial to accelerate contacting. With agents focused on talking to contacts—rather than finding them—you’ll see a dramatic boost in productivity and overall debt collection.

IAT’s SmartDial® technologies provide leading-edge Predictive Dialer and Interactive Communications (IVR Messaging) solutions for debt collection companies of every type and size. Whether your solution is site-premised, cloud-based (hosted), or a hybrid combination of both, IAT has the expertise to tailor the right solution for your agency to maximize productivity and collecting ability.

IAT SmartDial solutions are developed with industry regulations and compliance in mind. We provide the features and flexibility you need to manage your own level of compliance.



With IAT SmartDial Solutions you will be able to:

  • Mimic your best agent’s actions.
  • Accelerate your agent training effort with coaching tools
  • Increase productivity by 300% over manual dialing.
  • Employ unlimited dialing capacity.
  • Change your dialer solution type or expand your resources when needed.
  • Count on a ready and helpful support staff.


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