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SmartDial® Collection Agency Success Stories

Every day, companies just like yours are dramatically increasing productivity and revenue using IAT SmartDial® Solutions.  Following are just a few collection agency examples of the power and benefits that will soon be at your fingertips.

Account Control Bureau, Inc.

“IAT focuses on collections, and their system is more geared toward our industry. Making the choice of running a business with a dialer is a no brainer. I don’t see how you can operate in a large environment without a dialer, hosted or site- premised. We installed the dialer at the right time. Even in a poor economy, we’re still growing, and I believe it’s because of the dialer. In a poor economy you need to add more agents to collect more money, but you can’t because you can’t afford it. The dialer gives you that needed coverage.”

Mid America ACB

“The companies I talk to are laying people off left and right, and they can’t believe we’re still collecting money. We are getting more clients calling; even the little guys are coming around. Before we had the dialer, we were lucky to make 900 calls a day. Now, we’re making 3,000 – 5,000 a day.”

Collection Bureau of America

“There are so many features CT Center has that we wouldn’t want to be without,” says Kerry Christensen, Vice President for Collection Bureau of America (CBA). “The collectors love it! It is accessible at their workstations, and it is very easy to use. Collectors love the GUI features and that they don’t have to toggle back and forth between the dialer and the host system. CT Center makes it easier for the managers to get people on the dialer. The Real-Time Integration lets collectors choose which accounts they are going to work. We have about 100 collectors and 45 of them are on the dialer after 10:00 am. With our Predictive Dialing (PD) and Interactive Communications (IC) modules, we make between 35,000 and 40,000 calls a day.”

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