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Cell Scrub – Increase compliance confidence

Your dialer’s key to identifying cell phone numbers. Dial only the cell phone numbers you want to contact with the help of IAT’s Cell Scrub.

Cell Scrub compares each account phone number against the most current data available straight from the source and regularly updates the lists in accordance with TCPA guidelines. Simply import your accounts and start dialing immediately—IAT will check each number before it’s dialed.

  • Control what you scrub: Set CT Center to scrub all your lists/campaigns or none by default; then manually change the scrub status of any list as needed. Enable Cell Scrub for client, office (pre-collect, collect, etc.), phone type (POE, cell, home), or any other specified data field. Run both scrubbed and un-scrubbed lists simultaneously.
  • Exclude/include specific numbers: Include your own list of do-not-call numbers and Cell Scrub will exclude them along with identified cell phone numbers. Plus, you can submit a list of numbers for which you’ve obtained consent and don’t want excluded by Cell Scrub.

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