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IVR Messages – Boost collection capabilities

Your collection campaign aide. Rely on IAT for IVR messages (called “dialogues”) that will free up agents’ valuable time, generate callbacks, and keep your collection process running smoothly. With state-of-the-art text-to-speech technology and male/female voices available in English and Spanish, you’ll find the collection-specific messages you need.

Outbound dialogues: Choose from dozens of professionally pre-recorded messages or record your own.

  • Pre-recorded Messages: Selections include demand for payment, early-out, payment reminders, broken promises and simple callback messages. Interactive and non-interactive messaging, as well as right-party identification and transfer to agent options are available.
  • User-recorded Messages: Include up to 10 variables with both interactive and non-interactive options.

Inbound Dialogues: Answer and manage calls with the dialer anytime an agent isn’t readily available (including outside business hours).

  • Blending & Routing Messages: Maximize talk time by allowing agents to take both inbound and outbound calls. During office hours blending dialogues can answer, prompt for account information and seamlessly route calls to the designated dialer agent.
  • Payment Options: Answer calls and allow accounts to select payment options, including pay by check or credit card.

Automated Payment Options: Use messages with multiple payment options, including unattended check/credit card payments.

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