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Allow SmartDial® To Grow Your Bottom Line

The primary focus of your practice is to collect delinquent accounts for your clients. And the efficiency and effectiveness with which you do this has a direct effect on your business. Adding SmartDial® to your process is an easy and inexpensive way to exponentially improve productivity, drastically increase capacity and improve overall client satisfaction – not to mention the fact that you will be able to focus more of your time and energy on accounts that require an aggressive, legal pathway to resolution.

IAT’s SmartDial® technologies provide leading-edge solutions for debt collection attorneys, featuring unlimited dialing capacity that increases talk time by 300% over manual dialing.

Here’s a summary of what your IAT SmartDial® Solutions will provide:

  • A ready and helpful support staff, online training resources, and access to decades of collection industry expertise come standard with your IAT SmartDial® Solution
  • Unlimited dialing capacity – improving agent talk time 300% over manual dialing
  • A choice between site-premised solutions, hosted solutions or a hybrid combination of both – depending on what is best, and most cost-effective, for your operational requirements
  • Easy expansion of dialing resources – even to remote offices
  • Simple cost-per-minute-per-connected call price structure
  • Unlimited interactive communication and predictive dialer dialing capacity

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