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Interactive Communications – More qualified callbacks

Your agents’ dialing assistant. Maximize your dialing power with IAT’s Interactive Communications (IVR Messaging). The dialer will make outbound calls and generate inbound callbacks for you agents.

Contact all your inventory, scrub new business lists and find the accounts that are ready to pay. Also, use IVR messages to identify the right-party, give payment options and more. Reach accounts by phone during the day, after hours and on weekends.

Live contact assurance: Ensure every live contact is quickly detected and transferred to an agent with IAT’s dynamic answering machine detection.

Productivity-increasing features: Improve dialer agents’ productivity by letting the dialer leave the answering machine message, even after the call has been transferred to an agent.

Message and delivery confidence: Guarantee you have a perfectly-left answering machine message every time with IAT’s message lay-in. Choose from dozens of professionally recorded messages or record your own.

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