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Flexibility and cloud-based convenience – when you need it

Maximize your dialing capability with a hybrid solution. Add the unlimited resources of CT Impact Direct and/or CT Impact Risk Management to your CT Center dialer for times when you require more dialing capabilities. IAT’s hybrid solution will help maximize your daily contacting power and provide peace of mind in times of emergency.

CT Impact Direct: Overflow or short-term needs. When you need an extra boost to your dialing capacity rely on CT Impact Direct Cloud-based dialing resources. Manage CT Impact through CT Center in real-time:

  • Send and manage campaigns for CT Center.
  • Monitor agents.
  • Receive call results in CT Center.

CT Impact Risk Management (RM): Emergency or disaster backup. Be prepared for an unexpected outage or emergency situation by reserving cloud-based dialing resources. All you’ll need is a computer with an internet connection and a telephone; CT Impact will be on hand to get you dialing again.

  • Connect through CT Impact’s secure website for easy campaign upload.
  • Manage and monitor agents/campaigns through CT Center.
  • Receive daily results and activity reports via automated email messages.


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