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SmartDial® for Education Lending Companies

Collecting accounts quickly and efficiently is paramount to the operation of any organization involved in education lending, which is why IAT offers powerful, customized tools designed to optimized productivity and maximize the return your investment. IAT helps eliminate frustrations and capacity limitations, allowing agents to talk to a steady stream of customers using predictive dialing. Streamline the work of multiple agents through automated message options, so your agents can focus on the harder to collect accounts.



Here’s a summary of what your IAT SmartDial® Solution will provide:

  • Unlimited dialing capacity – improving agent talk time 300% over manual dialing
  • Unlimited interactive communication and predictive dialing capacity
  • Predictive dialer pacing and instantaneous screen pops – eliminating calls on hold or dropped calls
  • A choice between site-premised solutions, hosted solutions or a hybrid combination of both – depending on what is best, and most cost-effective, for your operational requirements
  • Easy system expansion and feature addition – hundreds of agents can be productive with predictive dialing and broadcast campaigns running simultaneously
  • Easy expansion of dialing resources – even to remote offices
  • Simple cost-per-minute-per-connected call price structure
  • A ready and helpful support staff, online training resources and access to decades of collection industry expertise come standard with your IAT SmartDial® Solution

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