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Call Recording – Increase monitoring confidence

Your dialer’s compliance assistant. Call recording is technology you can’t afford to be without. Use recordings from actual collection conversations to train your staff and monitor calls. IAT provides call recording options to accommodate any number of agents and any size budget. Choose between CTR Lite, IAT’s slimmed down call recording solution, and several enterprise options.

CTR Lite Call Recording: Fill all your key call recording needs and cut down on frivolous lawsuits. Installation is quick and easy and does not require a second server, additional phone lines or costly equipment upgrades. CTR Lite works with any phone system.

Recording Capabilities: Record multiple agent calls simultaneously, either on demand or with automatic recording for certain extensions, clients or agents.

  • Ease of Use: Access recordings via a web browser; then use CT Center’s built-in controls to record and retrieve individual calls.
  • Storage Capacity: Recording storage is determined by available hard drive space. CTR Lite provides ways to delete old recordings as well as move select recordings.

Enterprise Call Recording: Easily upgrade CTR Lite to an enterprise solution that can accommodate expanded call recording and monitoring ability as well as agent training and evaluation tools. Enterprise modules are available through CXM™, Cacti, Uptivity, NICE®, Higher Ground®, OAISYS® and Verint®.

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